Matlock Capital Streamlines Batch Job Scheduling with JAMS

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Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
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15 JULY 2009 – MVP Systems Software, Inc. announced that Matlock Capital has selected JAMS, the leading batch job scheduling system. Matlock Capital LLC ( is a Chicago-based proprietary trading firm that was founded by Blair Hull in 1999. The firm primarily focuses on the automated trading of both equities and equity options on all exchanges, particularly as a market maker on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Management at Matlock Capital needed a way to handle the increasing number and complexity of IT processes while reducing the need for human intervention. They required an enterprise-wide solution allowing them to monitor the performance of jobs across multiple operating systems in multiple locations from a central console.

Migrating away from platform specific scheduling tools posed the threat of delays, increased downtime, and broken SLA standards. But there was a clear need for a solution that could monitor a myriad of job types, handle complicated schedules, and offer robust alerting and reporting.

Ease of use and a fast return on investment also played a factor in selecting a batch automation solution.

After evaluating several solutions, Matlock Capital selected JAMS to manage their proprietary executables, home grown scripts, and dozens of service controls orchestrating the analysis and movement of data. Other solutions did not offer a seamless transition, a fast ROI, and outstanding technical support.

Matlock Capital began a smooth migration to JAMS by pulling together UNIX based and Windows based scheduling systems. JP Layug, Systems Administrator at Matlock, stated, “From our initial tests, and from porting over some critical jobs, we immediately noticed that the setup process in JAMS is straightforward and the results are very reliable.”

Matlock Capital has peace of mind with JAMS in place. “We are relying on JAMS to take care of our job scheduling needs in a streamlined and reliable manner.” Mr. Layug adds that “With JAMS in place, Matlock Capital has taken control of production scheduling across the enterprise from a single point. No more running around from system to system to verify successful operation. The productivity and efficiency benefits were enormous.”

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