Lighthouse1 Selects MVP Systems To Continue as Leading SaaS Healthcare Solution

Press Contact:
Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
Email: [email protected]

21 MARCH 2008 – MVP Systems, a leading provider of automation and application scheduling software, today announced that Lighthouse1, a leader in Consumer Driven Healthcare (CDH) administration software solutions, is deploying JAMS to assure that any and all batch processes run reliably and on-time.

Lighthouse1 believes in delivering endless possibilities to its customers. Lighthouse1’s vision – to revolutionize how stakeholders manage their consumer driven healthcare experience – has produced the premier Web-based consumer driven healthcare administration solution Lighthouse1 OnDemand™. Lighthouse1 OnDemand™ keeps administrators on the fast track with advanced capability in the management of services for employer plans.

“We looked at JAMS because we wanted a more efficient way to ensure that our system would provide accurate data, on time, to our business users,” said Chris Pratt of Lighthouse1.. “We also had poor visibility into when systems would be available with the most recent data.”

JAMS was the clear choice for us because it has the ideal framework for an enterprise environment,” said Pratt. “It supports diverse systems, including Windows, and Linux, and gives us a single point of control with a single view for our entire enterprise schedule. We can precisely control job sequences to generate fewer errors, and when there is a problem, the system can notify us immediately with details.”

“We are excited about adding a leading SaaS solutions provider to our customer base,” said Scott McCausland, Vice President at MVP Systems. “We have had tremendous success in targeting other software and SaaS solutions providers with our technology and allowing these vendors to integrate our technology into their own offerings.”

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