JAMS Featured on PowerScripting Podcast

Press Contact:
Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
Email: [email protected]

17 November 2008 – MVP Systems Software, Inc., a leading provider of automation, application, and task scheduling software, announced that JAMS was recently featured on PowerScripting Podcast. Jonathan Walz and Hal Rottenberg are PowerShell experts who created www.PowerShellCommunity.org and PowerScripting Podcasts in order to promote the adoption and usage of PowerShell in the Windows community.

PowerShell support brings an array of capabilities for developers who need to integrate batch scheduling and process automation into their own applications. The JAMS-specific PowerShell host tightly controls scripts under JAMS. By hosting the PowerShell engine, JAMSprovides a great deal of control over the applications.

The JAMS PowerShell Snap-in adds cmdlets to control QUEUES, ENTRYs, VARIABLES, TRIGGERS, TIMES, etc. The JAMS PowerShell Provider exposes JAMS objects as if they were file system objects, you can CD into a JAMS drive pointed to a remote heterogeneous machine and examine and manage all of the JAMS objects on that system.

“It’s really great to see more and more companies adding PowerShell support to their products,” states Jonathan Walz. “Looks like JAMS is well positioned in the job scheduling market.” More information on JAMS and PowerShell can be found atwww.mvpsi.com/PowerShell.aspx.

You can listen to the podcast here:https://powerscripting.wordpress.com/2008/11/03/episode-47-mvp-systems-jams/

About MVP Systems Software, Inc.

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