JAMS Enterprise Job Scheduler Assists with SAS® Automation

Press Contact:
Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
Email: [email protected]

06 May 2010 – MVP Systems Software, Inc., a leader in enterprise batch job scheduling and workload automation software, has expanded the capabilities of JAMS to handle any type of SAS® batch processing requirements.

SAS software from SAS Institute provides business intelligence solutions for IT management, human resource management, financial management, customer relationship management and more. Originally called Statistical Analysis System, the SAS System now has more functionality than just statistics, but its primary role is still statistical analysis. It is not a job scheduling system.

JAMS provides the SAS system with a complete batch automation facility. This ensures the analysis provided by SAS is delivered in a timely fashion, and allows SAS users to seamlessly integrate SAS with other mission critical processes. JAMS reduces the need for specific SAS expertise by automating SAS operations. This allows non-SAS users to query SAS statistics without requiring specific SAS knowledge.

There are two methods for having JAMS handle SAS processing.

  • Using the “Command” execution method to execute SAS.exe passing the path to the SAS program to be executed.
  • Creating a “SAS” execution method and keep the SAS program in the JAMS job definition.

In both methods, JAMS provides superior parameter handling capabilities. JAMS passes parameter values to a job by scanning the source for parameter names enclosed in double angle brackets. Parameter handling is very simple and straightforward when using the SAS execution method because the SAS program is in the job. It is easy to put parameter references directly into the program.

To learn more about enterprise batch job scheduling and workload automation, visit www.jamsscheduler.com/.

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