JAMS Drives Business for Auto Parts Supplier

Press Contact:
Harry Reisenleiter, VP Communications
Email: [email protected]

09 September 2008 – While the current economic climate has put a strain on all businesses, the auto industry has taken an especially hard hit. Rather than purchasing a new vehicle every 4-5 years, the typical person is now trying to extend the life of their current vehicle. However, as the average vehicle on the street gets older, the maintenance demands increase. This is where Danbury Auto Parts steps in.

Danbury Auto Parts operates a website where you can buy everything from brake pads and oil filters to windshield wipers and spark plugs. With more than 3 million SKU’s listed on their site, Danbury Auto Parts processes more than 5,000 orders a day. With this amount of activity, it is critical that they have the engine to process these orders behind the scenes.

After evaluating solutions from several different vendors, Danbury Auto Parts selected JAMS to handle their batch processing requirements. Now, every time a customer places an order online, the order is spun off into JAMS. JAMS allocates the necessary resources so that order is processed as efficiently as possible. JAMS also hooks into the company’s ERP system and runs requests at specified intervals to ensure that items are available for shipment. If resources are unavailable or systems are down, JAMS will store the data until issues are resolved, ensuring no orders are lost.

“I am not sure where we’d be without JAMS,” states Bob Melvyn of Danbury Auto Parts. “The product has really helped as we try to automate more and more of our processes and ensure that customers don’t experience any issues when placing their orders.”

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