About HelpSystems

HelpSystems, which acquired the JAMS Team in 2018, aligns IT and business goals to help organizations build a competitive edge. Our software secures IT environments, monitors and automates processes, and provides easy access to the information people need. More than 15,000 organizations in 100+ countries rely on HelpSystems to make IT lives easier and keep business running smoothly.

When it comes to IT infrastructure software, there’s no company out there quite like HelpSystems, and we’re really proud of that. Our software works behind the scenes but makes a big difference in your ability to move your business forward.

Every day we work with growing enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, managed service providers (MSPs), and small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). We foster long-term relationships with customers like you. Our customers rely on us to continually deliver products and services driven by continual improvement, excellence, and innovation.

The environment is one-in-a-million. I cannot begin to describe how inviting it is. All of my coworkers are very approachable and friendly. There is a sense of freedom that invites productivity and personal growth.Louis Diaz-Delgado
Customer Success Engineer

Louis Diaz-Delgado, University of Hartford class of 2016. Louis has taken advantage of the travel opportunities with JAMS – attending trade shows and performing on-site services for customers in Toronto, Montreal, Portland, Tulsa, Denver, Knoxville, Boston, Louisiana, and San Francisco.

Working with the JAMS Team

More than a Company

We cultivate the rare environment where peers don’t just work together, they connect at pizza Fridays, bagel breakfasts, cookout lunches, and social outings – and enjoy their coworkers enough to call them happy, approachable, friendly, trusting, and amazing. Once you’re here, you’ll wonder what you were doing anywhere else

Our Offices

Our modern facilities provide all the comforts and tools necessary to do your best work – bright, clean offices, the latest software, and a healthy supply of free coffee. When it’s time to take a break, the office offers choices like Baggo, Ping Pong, Darts, and more.


We embody the values of collaboration and open communication. Employees are encouraged and given chances to speak their minds, share knowledge with each other, and propose new methods that question the status quo.

Learning and Growth

The JAMS Team is not an island. Our software’s integration with many leading enterprise applications means that employees gain valuable industry-wide knowledge. Those interested in particular technologies have opportunities to participate in industry events, trade shows, and community meetings. Want to know more? Check out the HelpSystems Benefits.

I truly enjoy coming to work every morning. From the people I work with, to the level of flexibility and trust instilled upon me by the rest of my team and management, it really is a friendly and rewarding place to work.Kevin Vliet
Director, Support Services

Kevin Vliet mans the grill during a company cookout lunch. In the summer, employees are often treated to hot dogs and burgers (beef and veggie) straight from the grill.


Current Openings

We pride ourselves on hiring the smartest, most qualified, and most talented experts in their respective fields—and we invest in their professional advancement by providing continual opportunities for training and personal growth.

The average tenure of our support team members is over ten years. When you call, you can be confident that our experts will provide assistance quickly. Our unusually long average tenure testifies to the commitment we have to our employees—and to the commitment our employees have to us.

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It’s a great company that cultivates a friendly, community environment with lots of time spent both on training new employees and company activities that make their employees feel valued and a part of the team.Hunter Couette
Marketing Intern

Our team gets together to cheer on the Yard Goats in Dunkin Stadium, set blazing lap times at On-Track Karting, throw axes at Pine and Iron, knock down pins at Crystal Bees, support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at the Farmington Gardens, and more. Don’t just work at a company – become part of our team.