Senior Support Engineer Daniel St. Jean Featured on the PowerScripting Podcast (Episode 235)

If you’re an IT pro and you haven’t listened to the PowerScripting Podcast, now is a great time to start – not just because we were on it, but because it’s a great source of ideas for learning PowerShell and applying it in your organization. Last night, host Jonathan Walz chatted up JAMS senior support engineer Daniel St. Jean.

You can view the rough cut for the next few days, or you can watch the edited version of Episode 235 next week. (You can also catch members of the JAMS team on Episode 47!)

Daniel St. Jean and Jonathan Walz on the PowerScripting Podcast Episode 235

Dan highlights some of the innovative and creative ways customers are leveraging JAMS, the early adoption of PowerShell at MVP Systems Software and the latest and greatest capabilities of versions 3 and 4.

If they’re not included in the show notes, here are links to some of the topics discussed: