Ready for TechEd 2014? We are.

Microsoft TechEd North America 2014 is a few weeks away (May 12-15). With cloud champion Satya Nadella at the helm, we expect an increased focus on services at this years event, a trend that we have seen in our customer base for several years. The .NET core of JAMS has proven reliable, resilient and scalable. Meanwhile, the extent to which our users leverage JAMS automation on non-Microsoft systems is growing rapidly. Cross-platform workflows that include shell scripts, Hadoop, or Oracle databases have become increasingly common, as our customers rein in organic scheduling tools. It doesn’t mean they’re abandoning Windows Server. Rather, the trend toward cross-platform workflows signals that Microsoft professionals know the business value of their non-Microsoft platforms and applications and are leveraging the best Windows-hosted solutions to centrally manage them.

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Microsoft TechEd and the Cloud?

We’re also looking forward to TechEd’s focus on the cloud and the ways Microsoft customers can shift from physical infrastructure to cloud infrastructure. Azure and AWS storage and compute have enabled our company to build, deploy and support JAMS with agility and speed. Soon, we’ll be bringing those same cloud-specific benefits to our customers. Organizations looking to access powerful JAMS automation directly from cloud providers should get on our mailing list now. A cloud version of JAMS that supports rapid deployment, incredible scalability and easy administration is coming very soon.

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