“I love JAMS. The caveman on your website hits home. My client is coming from old hardware/OS/application to Linux/Modernized application. Sometimes when I read their jobs I think they’re coming from stone knives and bear skins to a Lexus.”


“JAMS is great. It has become an integral part of our daily operations and has added quite a bit of reliability to our environment. We have confidence in any job that is now running through JAMS. It is either working as expected or we know there is a problem. That is a huge step up […]

Ashmore Investment Management

“Just a quick note to let you know that I was able to get help from MVP out of hours. This was extremely time sensitive as the company’s main overnight batch job was due to run in 50 minutes. Another reason for my ever increasing respect for JAMS the product, and MVP the company.”

BMW Bank North America

“JAMS has delivered the robust and flexible solution we needed to develop and fine-tune the job scheduling automation needs for our environment. The JAMS support team has been responsive and most importantly—solution oriented! We run a complex hybrid environment; nevertheless, each call to JAMS support has been a ‘first-call-fix’ which is so refreshing!”

Crane Plastics

“Our business has become reliant on JAMS for nearly all scheduling and cross-platform application integration. We are impressed to find feature-to-feature parity between JAMS on OpenVMS and JAMS .NET.”


“JAMS has been working marvelously. It is doing a way better job than Windows Scheduler. Everything has been great.”

ColdCypress LLC

“Thanks for the great support today. I think we are getting the hang of it and it would not have happened without your quick responses. I never expect support to be almost immediate, but your support is well above any other I have ever seen. Thanks again!”

DiscipleData, Inc.

“We are doing well with JAMS so far. Everyone has been great to work with and responsive to questions and enhancements. I think JAMS is a great product. I feel lucky that I found it by searching; it never came up the first few times I was searching for job scheduling software. To me, the […]

EdFinancial Services

“Please pass this information on to your supervisor. During the upgrade process, the system emailed back to support that there was an error and within 5 minutes I received an email from an MVP support engineer stating what to look for and possible solutions to the problem. I did not have to do any of […]

Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport

“We had an incident just yesterday where production data was damaged. Due to the JAMS alert, we were able to repair and resume production in under one hour. Without JAMS, it would have been several days before anyone realized the production job was not running. An incident of this nature was my motivation to acquire […]