I love JAMS. The caveman on your website hits home. My client is coming from old hardware/OS/application to Linux/Modernized application. Sometimes when I read their jobs I think they're coming from stone knives and bear skins to a Lexus.


JAMS is great. It has become an integral part of our daily operations and has added quite a bit of reliability to our environment. We have confidence in any job that is now running through JAMS. It is either working as expected or we know there is a problem. That is a huge step up from our old system where we had to check every job daily to see if they were working. I am also very impressed with your support team. They are all great, taking the time to go above and beyond the problem. This usually ends up with us not only getting our problem solved but also finding ways we could make better use of JAMS.

Ashmore Investment Management

Just a quick note to let you know that I was able to get help from MVP out of hours. This was extremely time sensitive as the company’s main overnight batch job was due to run in 50 minutes. Another reason for my ever increasing respect for JAMS the product, and MVP the company.

BMW Bank North America

JAMS has delivered the robust and flexible solution we needed to develop and fine-tune the job scheduling automation needs for our environment. The JAMS support team has been responsive and most importantly—solution oriented! We run a complex hybrid environment; nevertheless, each call to JAMS support has been a ‘first-call-fix’ which is so refreshing!


JAMS has been great so far. Tech support has been pretty amazing in helping with questions. We rolled JAMS out to our users and our users are in the process of moving their jobs from Opalis to JAMS. Users are very happy with the capabilities they have gained with JAMS such as triggered jobs, dependencies, and much easier FTP processing. I am not a technical person and the system seems fairly self explanatory.

Crane Plastics

Our business has become reliant on JAMS for nearly all scheduling and cross-platform application integration. We are impressed to find feature-to-feature parity between JAMS on OpenVMS and JAMS .NET.


JAMS has been working marvelously. It is doing a way better job than Windows Scheduler. Everything has been great.

ColdCypress LLC

Thanks for the great support today. I think we are getting the hang of it and it would not have happened without your quick responses. I never expect support to be almost immediate, but your support is well above any other I have ever seen. Thanks again!

Consolidated Services Group

As always, support was excellent. The engineers have a great attitude of service to not only help resolve problems but also educate us on related subjects and the capabilities of JAMS. We couldn’t be happier.

DiscipleData, Inc.

We are doing well with JAMS so far. Everyone has been great to work with and responsive to questions and enhancements. I think JAMS is a great product. I feel lucky that I found it by searching; it never came up the first few times I was searching for job scheduling software. To me, the thing that sets it apart is the security model. That is specifically what I was looking for, the ability to control who can submit jobs, and who these jobs can run as. This is giving us a good way to delegate functions that run as privileged users to non-privileged users. I'll be happy to be a reference if you ever need one.

EdFinancial Services

During the upgrade process, the system emailed back to support that there was an error and within 5 minutes I received an email from an MVP support engineer stating what to look for and possible solutions to the problem. I did not have to do any of the research myself and I did not even have to call! I wish all upgrades would run this smoothly and had this level of support. Thank you MVP Systems for your support.


Our PoC was very easy with the fantastic support we received from JAMS along the way. Thanks to all the fantastic support engineers who helped!

Greater Bank

MVP continues to provide some of the best vendor support I have seen in my 30 years of IT.

Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport

We had an incident just yesterday where production data was damaged. Due to the JAMS alert, we were able to repair and resume production in under one hour. Without JAMS, it would have been several days before anyone realized the production job was not running. An incident of this nature was my motivation to acquire a commercial scheduler application. I am pleased that JAMS has lived up to my expectations.


Your support team is awesome and got me up and running real quick. I automated numerous manual jobs and I’m looking to roll out a lot of workflows.

JP Morgan Chase

Start up was fast and easy, and it's gone a long way in helping us create the lights out environment we wanted. We went from queues we had to monitor for notification of missed jobs, jobs not running, jobs that died, and things like that to a basically hands-off operation. It's done a lot to improve our efficiency.

Management Council Ohio Education Computer Network

I work at a not-for-profit organization in Ohio that provides IT services to our member school districts. There are a total of 23 similar sites in Ohio and we all use JAMS. We use JAMS in our student services application (grade cards, class scheduling, attendance, discipline, state reporting data entry, etc). The web application is written in .NET Framework 1.1 and makes calls via the JAMS .NET programming interface to kick off batch processes when the end user selects tasks that are not well suited to run on the web server (i.e. longer running or resource intensive processes). JAMS then coordinates the running of these tasks in the background on an application server.

JAMS allows us to run background jobs initiated by end users via a web application. It also provides better error handling, notification, and job history than some of the other built-in scheduling programs. The JAMS product has been very cost-effective and robust. Support from the start has been top-notch. Thanks to the JAMS team.

Marketing Associates

MVP is the best software vendor I’ve experienced in my 30 some year IT career.

Midwest Financial Networks

Our group has been working to migrate our processing from a legacy scripting language to the JAMS platform. The thing we are most excited about is the use of triggers. As we receive the ‘trigger’ emails from vendors our jobs are kicked off. The workflow interface is much easier to setup than our legacy scripting language giving JAMS a plug and play feel. With the ability to use PowerShell as well as the GUI we don’t feel boxed in like some other tools. Support has been outstanding and has helped us along as we are new to the JAMS platform and are learning how to migrate our current processes into a new system.

Mirixa Corporation

I just wanted to let you know that we are very appreciative of the continued support. Your company is doing a great job assisting us with training.


JAMS is proving to be a valued member of our server infrastructure team and I can't thank you enough for all your hard work.


Just Wanted To Say JAMS v6 is AWESOME!!

Newfield Exploration Company

I was blown away at how quickly I was on a live meeting after my chat session; it was almost instant. I wish all support departments were this prompt.

Ohio National Financial Services

I can't say thank you enough for the support your company has provided before, during, and after the sale. As we continue to develop new ways to utilize JAMS to fit our needs, I'm confident that your team will be there to overcome the challenges and bring intelligent managed solutions to the table.

Orange Lake Resorts

We have moved all of our medium jobs over and are getting ready to move the critical and emergency jobs over. As a system admin, JAMS has been a great product to implement and support. JAMS is easy to use, easy to maintain and the business users feel very comfortable using the product. After reviewing a number of other products, and seeing how difficult these systems were to implement and support, I was very happy when I got the chance to review JAMS.

We set up a three tier environment, DEV, QA and Production. I got the server up and running in no time and I was able to get jobs running in DEV the same day that server was set up. Of all the features that JAMS provide out of the box, I think the best one is JAMS support. Support has been great as we move toward production and they have answered all of our questions and gone beyond to explain things that we were not clear on.

You have a great product in your hands, your support staff is great and that combination makes the whole system a real winner for us.


I’m impressed. The support we receive from JAMS is by far the best out of any 3rd party software that we own. You don’t just say you value support, you actually do value support, and it shows.

Panda Restaurant Group

Thank you so much for helping us get to know the JAMS software better. Your attention to details is exemplary and do it now attitude has helped us tremendously in getting this software and our team to the next level. You never say no to our requests and the always pleasant attitude is appreciated. I cannot ask for more. On behalf of Team Panda, we once again thank you for the job well done.

Principal Financial Group

We've been using JAMS for about 15 years and it’s been very reliable. I like the flexibility of the product and ease of use. I can’t think of anything that JAMS cannot do for us. It’s a very good product.


Everything, and I mean everything, is automated in JAMS. Backups, maintenance, everything runs in JAMS. We have over 600 jobs running daily. If we need to change the schedule we change JAMS, not the job. It's great.

Saiers Capital, LLC

Seriously, JAMS is one of the best pieces of software I've ever used.


We are heavily relying on the JAMS Scheduler these days and it has been successful so far. My team is very much focused around Continuous Delivery and JAMS gives us the ability to source control our job/setup/system definitions as XML and import them using PowerShell as part of our automated deployments. This makes the JAMS instances very consistent across environments. This is a very good feature that I believe you should add to your marketing as Continuous Delivery is starting to become more mainstream.

State of Michigan Judicial Information Systems

I am continually impressed by the speed and professionalism of JAMS support. Thank you!

Steak 'n Shake

I wish all our vendors were partners like you! I love JAMS but not just the tool, I love the commitment you and all the JAMS/MVP associates have made to helping us successfully leverage this tool to accomplish our goals. I tell EVERYONE about it, and have even started to use my experience with you guys as a measurement of future IT vendor candidates.

Sur La Table

MVP Support is always reachable and knowledgeable. One of the best vendors we have.

Thirty-one Gifts

The strong opinion from everyone here who has worked with your support team is that you have, hands-down, the best product support we have ever seen. I can’t stress enough how helpful and diligent your support team has been, and their responsiveness is in no small part responsible for how successful our implementation and adoption rate has been.

The TriZetto Group

JAMS has been a tremendous asset to us and falls into the realm of a very few of the most technically polished and reliable products we operate.

Trumbull Services

I just want to give you an update and let you know how well your support team has been over the last couple of months. Even though we have not been inundating them with questions, they have responded quickly and efficiently to our immediate needs. We are looking forward in utilizing 100% of JAMS once we get our system converted over from AutoSys this year. Thanks again for the great support!


I want to thank you for all the help and support from the MVP Systems team this year. I must say it was a pleasure working with you. The whole experience from evaluation, purchasing, installation, training, support, etc. was enjoyable and a great success for TyMetrix and specifically my team this past year.

Union Bank

I wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for adding those cool features in JAMS (auditing, cancel with success). They make our lives very easy. I love your product and great support you’ve been providing over the years.

U.S. Postal Service

We started out looking at more than a dozen job scheduling products to make sure we covered our bases, with the vendors ranging from some of the largest software vendors in the world to companies with two or three employees. After spending about four months evaluating various products, only JAMS met all of our requirements. We especially liked their 24-by-7 support, which was critical to us since most of our batch processing occurs during non-business hours and on the weekends. We have now been running JAMS for more than a decade and the product is performing extremely well.

Victoria Department of Sustainability & Environment

We have fully incorporated JAMS into our new cloud based infrastructure. JAMS has given us a reliable automation tool as well as an administration tool which has eliminated manual errors. Mundane repetitive tasks are now standard setups in JAMS which give a 100% accuracy rate on tasks.

Virginia Beach City Public Schools

JAMS is working great. Thanks for a great product.

West Jefferson Medical Center

We are loving JAMS!! We are in the process of moving various other scheduled tasks to JAMS. The more we use it, the more we discover its other uses.

West Corporation

We had an issue this weekend that required some assistance on JAMS. After leaving a voicemail on your support number, I received a callback in less than five minutes. That’s excellent support, especially for a Saturday afternoon. You guys are the best!

Wilson HTM Investment Management Group Ltd

And please take this as a blanket confirmation to provide my details to anyone wanting an independent reference with regards to JAMS. As I mentioned to you, I am a huge fan of the product, and anything I can do to help you I am most happy to do.

The World Bank

Our business is lending money to developing countries for a wide range of projects. As a result, we run a lot of accounting and overnight pricing jobs plus portfolio evaluation jobs and interapplication daily transfer jobs. There are a number of interdependencies between all of these; the data flows between the various applications; and the accounting jobs have different cycles or periods -like on the third Thursday of the month, you might run a job between two other jobs, but on any other day, those two jobs might run back to back. JAMS takes these complex interdependencies and calendar requirements and makes the whole process much, much easier.