A Certified Integration

The JAMS Alert Management Pack brings new oversight and control to batch job scheduling and workload automation. With critical batch processes centralized in JAMS, ServiceNow users can map alerts to their business services and resolve service issues quickly and efficiently.

The Information You Need to Maintain Service Levels

Whether you are focused on meeting tight SLAs, minimizing mean time to resolution, or eliminating service interruptions, JAMS delivers valuable information to any ServiceNow ITSM solution. Batch job failures that could potentially impact service levels are automatically mapped to business services (as well as response teams, departments and agents) and available for action within ServiceNow.

JAMS Job Mapped to a Business Service in ServiceNow

JAMS Alerts contain key information about batch processes such as:

  • Error and exit codes
  • Failure time
  • Agent machine where processes are running
  • User who submitted the job

The JAMS Alert Management Pack presents this vital information directly within the ServiceNow management console – without importing or exporting any data.


The Tools You Need to Resolve Service Issues Fast

Independent of IT Operations, ServiceNow users are empowered with essential information to triage batch job failure alerts and to immediately kick off resolution protocol.

JAMS Alerts Viewed in ServiceNow

1. Evaluate – All batch jobs are not created equal, so JAMS lets you decide which alerts are incident-worthy. And, for the highest priority jobs, you can configure failure alerts to automatically generate new incidents.

2. Mitigate – While some batch job failures merit dedicated investigation, many can be resolved by simply resubmitting. JAMS gives ServiceNow users the ability to re-run processes without bothering IT Operations personnel. Once a job runs successfully, JAMS resolves the incident and you can move on to more pressing alerts.

3. Aggregate – Deliver an even higher level of service to your customers by discovering trends and patterns within your automated batch processes. Are you dealing with isolated job failures? Or, are job failures on a particular agent machine causing wider ranging issues? JAMS Alert Management Pack Reports arm you with the statistics needed to make informed decisions.

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The JAMS Alert Management Pack is a certified integration for ServiceNow and has successfully completed a set of defined tests for security, interoperability, and performance. Contact Us to get the JAMS Alert Management Pack.

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